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The Porticoes of Bologna UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Porticoes of Bologna UNESCO World Heritage Site


Tue, 02/01/2022 - 10:00

View from the porticoes of Bologna

The arcades of Bologna embrace the historic center and go as far as outside the city walls. The entire complex is divided into twelve macro-structures for a total of 62 kilometers!

Born for practical needs...

Over a thousand centuries old, the porticos have spanned centuries and centuries of history and are now one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the city, but the reality is that they were born out of a pure need for the inhabitants of Bologna. During the High Middle Ages for the citizens of the city has arisen the need to "enlarge" their living spaces as their families grew and it was common practice to increase the size of the lodgings in height, one floor above the other. At some point it was necessary to build columns to support the houses and these urban engineering work consequently created long arcades that soon became ideal places for outdoor craft stores or covered walkways where you can shelter from the summer heat or winter cold. a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Years went by and the porticoes became a place of socialization for citizens and a urban link between Bologna and the hills around. For example walking along them you can easilly reach the Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca, and you can do it in any weather condition.
Born for housing needs, the Porticoes of Bologna have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2021, to crown a history of more than a thousand years. It is an enormous satisfaction for all of us at the Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni", which has a privileged relationship with the arcades, since we are located right under them. Breathe in the history and luster of Bologna from one of our rooms or discover our exclusive proposals, tailor-made for our guests.


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