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The Majestic aims at sustainable innovation

The Majestic aims at sustainable innovation


Fri, 06/04/2021 - 09:00

The Galleria of the Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni”

Having beauty at heart means assuming the responsibility for protecting it. For example, by taking care of the local area, on a small scale and on a large scale. By adopting virtuous practices and making the right choices to protect the environment. This is the path followed by Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni” in Bologna. For some time now, the hotel has been taking concrete action. Let’s find out how. 

History, innovation and care for the environment

What we now call “history” was once the avant-garde, pure innovation. Which is why we can safely say that the Majestic has always been “modern”, at the centre of cultural ferment in Bologna. The building was where the Carracci brothers completed their first famous work, on the walls of the Camerino d’Europa on the piano nobile. It was also the venue for the celebrated exhibition-cum-blitz that gave rise to Bolognese futurism, staged by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1914. It is no coincidence that the building was erected over an ancient Roman road, whose remains are still visible in the basement. Today, being rooted in one’s time means not only promoting culture and hospitality but also marrying the concept of environmental sustainability.

One of the hotel’s suites

Green actions for the planet’s future

The Majestic has joined the so-called Progetto Green, a project that encompasses all its spaces. One of the mainstays of the project is energy saving, with low-consumption LEDs being used for all sources of illumination. These bulbs not only reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to traditional ones, but also lower CO2 emissions, resulting in eight trees saved for every guest.

That’s not all: cleaning products such as detergents and sanitisers are biodegradable and contained in PET recyclable resin bottles, guests’ garment bags are made of corn starch, and all rooms are supplied with mineral water in totally recyclable cans as opposed to plastic bottles.

Every detail counts: toner, waste batteries and other materials demanding special attention are disposed of separately, and FSC paper (with wood certification) is used for all communication. Guests will also find the paper in their rooms: it is used, in fact, to produce our “I libri della buonanotte” (Goodnight Books) library dedicated to the history of the hotel complete with itineraries to discover the city.

Last but not least, the hotel selects its suppliers on the basis of the materials they use: its Segafredo coffee and Damman Frères tea, for example, boast certifications of environmental sustainability, while the Trussardi line courtesy sets made available to guests in their rooms are produced with recycled plastic from the world’s oceans.  

For years, the Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni” and the Gruppo Duetorrihotels have implemented actions with the precise aim of reducing impact on the environment and promoting the culture of ecology in a process that is being updated constantly. This is the innovation we need to support the culture of eco-sustainable tourism for the greater good of the whole planet.


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