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Wine tours & Experience

The landscapes drawn by the rows, the cellars where the bottles rest and the silence full of promises of the cooper. Discover our favorite places, tasting Umberto Cesari wines paired with the best local gourmet specialties.



you will enjoy a guided tour of our barrel cellar, where our wines rest and mature, followed by a tasting, guided by our professional sommelier, of our Pignoletto Frizzante, Ca’ Grande Sangiovese Superiore, and Laurento Sangiovese Riserva, all accompanied by a delicious assortment of selected local artisan food specialties. The first step to fully appreciate the world of Umberto Cesari.
you will enjoy a thorough, on-site introduction to our vineyards and to where we produce our wines. Accompanied by our professional experts, you will tour our vineyards and cellars; at the conclusion of this experience, you will enjoy a tasting of Ca’ Grande Sangiovese Superiore DOC, Laurento Sangiovese Riserva DOC, and Resultum Sangiovese IGT, three diff erent interpretations of the Sangiovese grape, accompanied by the finest traditional food specialities typical of this area. A comprehensive, in-depth experience to the discovery of
the many facets of this ancient grape.
Il Tour Deluxe è un’esperienza esclusiva che vi svelerà nel dettaglio con quale cura vengono gestiti i vigneti Umberto Cesari, vi porterà a visitare ogni singola fase del lavoro accompagnati da un esperto sommelier. La visita si conclude con la degustazione di 4 dei nostri vini più desiderati: Liano Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, Liano Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon, Tauleto e Resultum.
Il Tour Prestige is an exclusive experience for the winepassionate, in which one of our professional sommelier will give you a detailed, hands-on look at the painstaking care that we have on our vineyards, then walk you through every step of how we make our wines. You will then taste four of our most sought-after wines: Liano Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, Liano Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon, Tauleto, and Resultum. Dedicated to those who have made wine their passion.
A unique experience to turn into an oenologist and create your own wine. Discover the secrets of the art of blending, select which types of wines to combine and in what proportions. You will be provided with the tools, the guide and the raw materials. You will have a blending kit, 6 types of samples and measuring spoons, and following the indications and the guide of our sommelier you will create the wine you like best.
An experience dedicated to the encounter between wine and food thanks to which you will discover all the secrets of the perfect wine-food combination. After a visit to the aging cellar, our sommelier will guide you through a tasting of our wines accompanied by diff erent types of combinations useful to explain the rules of the perfect marriage between wine and food.
An experience dedicated to the knowledge of wine. Through a tasting of 5 wines you will discover the technique and the phases for a perfect tasting, the visual, olfactory and fi nally gustatory one. After a visit to the aging cellar, our sommelier will guide you through a tasting of our wines accompanied by diff erent types of combinations useful to explain the rules for a correct wine tasting.
A sensory journey without constrains, a tasting of 4 hidden wines matched with typical products for an experience of taste and fun. You will discover the grape variety, identify the refi nement, guess the vintage: a tasting with covered labels, to discover how eyes, nose and mouth can reveal the soul of the wine.
An opportunity for families or couples to share and remember a simple, genuine and relaxing moment en plein air in contact with nature. After a guided tour of the winemaking area and the aging cellar, you can sit in the heart of our vineyards and enjoy a tasting of MOMA Rosso and MOMA Bianco matched with local specialties.
A unique experience in contact with nature, a walk to discover the secrets of our vineyards. In company of experienced staff , you will walk 2 km through our vineyards to the production area and back to the headquarters. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to visit the winemaking cellar and the aging cellar and to taste 4 wines paired with local specialties.
It includes routes between the vineyards and the surrounding hills ranging from 5 to 30 kilometers, with guided tasting and three tour options for groups of 4 to 20 people. Participants to this tour will be able to take advantage of the free shipping service for wines purchased at the wine shop.


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